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12                             LETTERS   FROM   THE

The King walks out early every morning in
a great -coat. He is very much attached to his
wife. The Count de Fronsac, son of the Marshal
de Richelieu, kept the little Zaccari, of the opera.
One night he heard the King, who seldom takes
notice of anything, praise her very much* This
raised ideas In his head of making her mistress
to His Majesty and thereby building favour and
power for himself. In pursuance of this scheme,
he, as gentleman of the bed-chamber, contrived to
place her in the King's way, and as His Majesty
passed, said : " La voiU, sire, la petite Zaccari."
Louis turned to him with scorn, and exclaimed:
"Allez, FronsacI1 Ton voit bien de qui vous Ites

The Count d'Artois pretends to know a great
deal of the history of France, and the other day,
to please him, the Duchess de Coss6 asked him
if he could inform her who was the last Count
d'Artois. "Surement je le sais," said he; "c'etait
Robert sans peur, fils de Richard le diable."

3o£/£. Hunted with the King. The Marquis
de Tourzel was run away with and had his skull
fractured in the woods.

Walked  for   some   hours   and  took  a

i The Count de Fronsac was son of the celebrated
Mar£chal de Richelieu.